Performance & Diesel Services

Factory Overhaul


At Alamo, we understand that not every customer wants a stock setup. We can custom design and manufacture a high performance turbocharger for any application from light diesel pick-ups to tuner cars.

Our fully equipped welding division is backed by Alberta Journeymen certification, with full training in all processes of welding including, TIG, GMAW and SMAW. This gives us the ability to custom weld and fabricate any application, whether this involves piping, intercoolers, repairs or welding on accessories for fittings – we can help you achieve the perfect end result.

Inspection & Consultation



Visual Inspection

Fee: Complimentary

All locations accept walk-ins, and offer a complimentary visual inspection. During a visual inspection our certified technicians will give an initial diagnosis at our front counter, and suggest recommendations for further repair. For your convenience we also offer online booking for visual inspection requests. 

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Inspection & Consultation

*Starting Fee: $125.00/hr

This service includes a complete teardown and inspection of the unit by our certified technicians, and is extended to all high performance, diesel, natural gas, and gasoline units. An overview of the findings and recommendations are also provided to the customer upon completion of the job. *This service is not guaranteed to be contained to one hour; the total fee is dependent on the extent of labor required to inspect the unit.

Analysis Report

Fee: $75.00

In the event where a more detailed report is required, an analysis report can be made available in addition to the inspection & consultation. This service includes a detailed breakdown of the findings, alongside photographs of the unit. This report is available in your choice of hardcopy or electronic format. Book your Consultation Now

Quality Control Program



Alamo Industries Ltd. has always considered quality assurance to be a top priority. While the development of a global economy has led to some pricing decreases, it has also created a dramatic increase in quality control issues in the turbocharger industry.

With our many years of experience in remanufacturing turbochargers, we have developed a comprehensive quality control program. Throughout the remanufacturing process (from teardown to shipping) extensive checks and balances are performed along with all-encompassing testing. Every component must meet specific quality standards before we consider a part to be usable. We have developed procedures that outline the quality controls necessary for the many different types of turbochargers we work on, and we are dedicated to thoroughly inspecting all new parts from our manufacturers.

In addition to our I.R.D. soft bearing balancer, we also utilize a state of the art Schenck® HM20BU Hard-Bearing Balancer for the light high speed units. Alamo Industries Ltd. would like our customers to be confident in the fact that they can continue to depend on us for fair pricing and the best quality in the industry.