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Calgary, Alberta

Corporate Head Office

In Calgary, we maintain 25,000 square feet of warehouse, manufacturing and sales facilities. All of our upgraded premium products are manufactured or finished in-house, which allows us to control the quality of the finished product with our zero-defects quality assurance program. We are the only full service turbocharger repair shop in Canada.


Edmonton, Alberta

Our Edmonton location specializes in the sale, service and repair of turbochargers and items related to the Oil, Gas and Diesel industries. Edmonton is stocked with a complete line of product to service our Northern Alberta customer base in addition to British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Seattle, Washington

Our Seattle sister company, Alamo Turbocharger Services Inc., maintains the same standard of work and quality assurance.  This 8,000 square foot facility specializes in the sales, service and repair of small frame turbochargers for a variety of industries including transportation, marine, construction and mining.