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Please Specify Alamo Facility

To best address your needs, please be sure to specify in your email which Alamo facility you would like to communicate with. Thank you for your interest in contacting Alamo Industries Ltd.

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Industrial Products

Oil & Natural Gas Turbochargers


We stock complete units and all critical parts for all of the various turbochargers found in the oil and gas industry and are able to service and repair a wide variety of applications, which include the following OEM manufacturers:

  • Caterpillar®
  • ABB® (Brown Boveri)
  • Alco®
  • Clark®
  • Cooper®
  • DeLaval®
  • Elliott®
  • Ingersol Rand®
  • MAN®
  • Napier®
  • Waukesha®
Alamo has designed and manufactured many of the premium upgraded components that are in our inventory. This ensures a product that is equal to, and in most cases, superior to the O.E.M. product it replaces. Our philosophy has always been that cost savings to our customers can only come from better products and improved procedures. This is evident in the increased service life of our products, such as our stainless steel nozzle rings, billet regulators and our line of stainless steel exhaust bellows.

In order to address the issue of premature thrust failure, we designed and released an extreme duty upgraded turbocharger for the 3500 series Caterpillar© engine. These units use ball bearing technology and are made of premium grade material, manufactured in North America to ensure superior quality and are available to replace various units found on G3500 series engines.

Exhaust Regulators


Alamo Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing regulators for over a decade. We have an extensive in-house quality control program for every step of the manufacturing and assembly process.

All of the A.I.L.™ brand of regulators are a direct OEM replacement and machined from top quality exhaust grade bar stock, with a multiple bolt pattern that fits a wide variety of applications. It is worth noting that none of Alamo's regulator parts use a sand casting process, BILLET ONLY. The added aluminum ribs assist in dissipation of heat.

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Charge Air Coolers


Alamo Industries Ltd. maintains an inventory of the common charge air coolers found in the industry. These units are remanufactured, re-qualified and assembled with new gaskets. All air seams are pressure checked to ensure soundness. We have improved the integrity of the charge air coolers by using higher quality joint washers.

Many of our customers report improved engine operation through reduced charge-air temperatures by servicing their coolers at the same time as the turbocharger.

Exhaust Manifolds


We stock a selection of exhaust manifolds and air filters for the most common engines in the oil industry. These are available on an exchange basis or we can repair your unit in a timely manner, using Engineer certified procedures.

Expansion Joints


We design, manufacture and stock a wide variety of premium quality expansion joints for the oil and gas industry. Alamo designed many of the expansion joints available and these units are engineered to be vastly superior to existing O.E.M. models. A proper seal to the exhaust drive of the turbocharger improves the efficiency of your unit and saves money. Our prices are competitive and if we sell you a unit, we will keep stock in our inventory. 

Water Jumpers


In keeping with our tradition of product improvement, Alamo Industries Ltd. improved the design for the water jumper on the Superior 825 line of engines. These updated units are a bolt-on replacement for Superior part # A024-998 and will eliminate the safety and environmental problems caused by glycol leaks due to leaking gaskets and cracked castings. Our updated water jumper compensates for the misalignment and movement which occurs between the cylinder block and cylinder heads. They have been extensively field tested and references are available upon request.

Each water jumper includes:

  • 2 main bodies
  • 1 connector tube
  • 2 o-rings
  • 2 mating flange gaskets
  • 1 mounting fastener kit

Engine Parts


Coming Soon.

Gasket & Mounting Kits


Alamo can meet your needs for air intake connectors and rubber bellows for most of the common engines found in the industry. This is an often overlooked item and we urge our customers to utilize them to minimize maintenance costs.

Air to the turbocharger is 100% filtered, therefore a leaking connector can suck in dirt and damage your turbocharger. Every cubic inch of air lost costs you money and a leaking connector can be a safety concern.

Performance & Diesel Products

Performance & Diesel Turbochargers


An enthusiastic staff is dedicated to our high performance division, which manufactures and stocks a wide variety of turbochargers for automotive, diesel trucks and natural gas applications. With our combined knowledge in the performance sector, we are able to offer many custom options. Alamo can assist in anything from bolt on aftermarket to custom design and fabrication. We can also fabricate pieces for any application, from light diesel pick-ups to tuner cars.

In custom applications, as is so often the case in high performance situations, research and development is necessary to create the right match of turbocharger to engine. Alamo's aftermarket program for turbochargers and intercoolers is specifically engineered for high efficiency and long service life. Alamo is dedicated to supporting high performance culture, as we have been involved in the racing scene in North America since the early 90's with various sponsorships. Because of our experience and exposure within the areas of tractor pulling, drag racing and circle track, we are able to troubleshoot and foresee problems unrelated to the turbocharger.

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Warranty Policy

Alamo Industries Ltd. Guarantees Parts and Workmanship for a twelve (12) month period from the date of invoice with the following exceptions:

1.       Variable Geometry Turbochargers (electronic and pneumatic) will be warrantied for a period of 90 days from date of invoice.

2.       Electronics will be warrantied for a period of 30 days from date of invoice.

3.       There will be NO warranty consideration for turbochargers on applications that have been mechanically or electronically modified from the OE (i.e.: deletes and electronic programmers).

4.       There will be NO warranty consideration for any actuator that was not supplied by Alamo Industries Ltd. (new or reman).  Also, if the actuator is removed from the turbocharger or altered in any way, warranty is VOID.

5.       There will be NO warranty consideration for any turbocharger that has been disassembled by persons who are not representatives of Alamo Industries Ltd.

Customer Responsibilities:

1. Turbocharger must be maintained in accordance with published maintenance practices.

2. Alamo Industries Ltd. must be notified immediately of any potential warranty issues. An Alamo Industries Ltd. representative must be involved in all aspects of analysis of any turbocharger that is suspected of being warrantable.

Items Not Included:

Under no circumstances will Alamo Industries Ltd. be responsible for damage or loss of production consequential to a turbocharger or actuator failure during a covered period; nor will Alamo Industries Ltd. pay for charges incurred for another company to remove or transport a turbocharger.


1. Alamo Industries Ltd. must have full and complete access to all engine logs.

2. In a suspected warranty situation, Alamo Industries reserves the right to access equipment on a customer location in order to obtain oil, glycol, and foreign material samples for analysis in a lab that is deemed acceptable by Alamo Industries Ltd.

3. Warranty consideration will only be extended to the original purchaser.



A restocking fee may be applicable to returned items, at the discretion of Alamo Industries ltd. All shipping costs will be deferred to the customer.


Industrial Services

24 Hour Service


Due to the maturity of the oil and gas industry, discontinued and obsolete equipment is often used in the field. We are able to repair almost any item ourselves rather than having to search for new parts. Alamo also understands that "downtime" costs are critical. With this in mind, we have a dedicated team who is ready to serve your needs 24 hours a day to get your equipment back on line.

Compressor Services

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In continuing our commitment to providing a full range of service for our customers, we have recently expanded our portfolio to include compressor component repair. With our many years of experience in remanufacturing, we now offer that same standard of reconditioning quality for compressor components. 

Before reconditioning services are rendered, the component pieces are assessed by our resident lead machinists, millwrights and welders. The pieces are then restored to their original specifications in house, for optimal performance.

Our technicians employ an AMC precision boring machine, custom built lapping machine, metalizing system, cylindrical grinder, custom built piston/rod torque bench, Sunnen honing equipment, five engine lathes, three mills, and two hydraulic presses to provide disassembly and reassembly, inspection, machining and re-sizing, lapping, babbiting, bead blasting, quality control testing and replacement to all internal compressor components.



Packing cases, piston and rod assemblies, wiper & auxiliary boxes, compressor valves, VVCP assemblies, crossheads, connecting rods, and bushings.





Vibration analysis, custom design, scheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, and inspection.

Schedule anytime.

Exchange Program

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Alamo has developed an extensive supply / exchange program, which allows for a quick turnaround and less downtime. If you don't need an exchange turbocharger, repairing your turbocharger can be more cost effective. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, which is possible because we perform all operations in-house from teardown and welding to balancing. Our complete units are available on a cost of repair basis - complete with installation gaskets and shipped in secure containers. Also, our personnel are factory trained in the On-The-Spot Warranty Analysis program. This enables us to diagnose the unit in-house, the same day it arrives in our shop, without having to send it to the factory.

Pick-up & Delivery


We have a fully trained crew of employees dedicated to serving your needs, as well as a fleet of trucks capable of transporting all types of turbochargers. Our field representatives have travelled to gas plants and service stations across North America, and are well versed in on-site delivery practices. All shop personnel have been trained in W.H.I.M.I.S., H2S, and Emergency First Aid and meet industry safety standards.

Quality Control Program


Alamo Industries Ltd. has always considered quality assurance to be a top priority, as we would like our customers to be confident in the fact that they can continue to depend on us for fair pricing and the best quality in the industry. With our many years of experience in remanufacturing turbochargers, we have developed a comprehensive quality control program. We have developed procedures that outline the quality controls necessary for the many different types of turbochargers we work on, and we are dedicated to thoroughly inspecting all new parts from our manufacturers. Our forensics process allows Alamo to be proactive in finding problems beyond the turbocharger itself. Because our experience is not limited to just the shop, we can often foresee issues with equipment that the turbocharger is running on. This has often assisted our customers to correct conditions that could potentially lead to further downtime and expenditures.

Vibration Analysis


In order to continue the standard of quality that Alamo Industries Ltd. has established, our technicians utilize the Vibrotest 60 portable vibration analyzer. This technology confirms vibration specifications of the turbochargers, and creates a baseline reading for each complete assembled unit.

Welding & Machining


Alamo perfected the welding and repair of non-ferrous material such as stainless steel and Inconel. Experience and procedures developed over many years have allowed us to refine the welding and repair of turbine blades. We are one of only a few companies in Alberta still able to perform cast iron welding and fabrication. We employ certified Alberta Journeymen machinists and millwrights, who are further qualified in IRD Mechanalyst balancing. In order to repair almost any item ourselves rather than having to search for new parts, we remanufacture in-house using an IRD soft bearing balancer, a state of the art Schenck® HM20BU Hard-Bearing Balancer, and an array of Kent CNC Mills and Lathes.

Performance & Diesel Services

Factory Overhaul


At Alamo, we understand that not every customer wants a stock setup. We can custom design and manufacture a high performance turbocharger for any application from light diesel pick-ups to tuner cars.

Our fully equipped welding division is backed by Alberta Journeymen certification, with full training in all processes of welding including, TIG, GMAW and SMAW. This gives us the ability to custom weld and fabricate any application, whether this involves piping, intercoolers, repairs or welding on accessories for fittings – we can help you achieve the perfect end result.

Inspection & Consultation



Visual Inspection

Fee: Complimentary

All locations accept walk-ins, and offer a complimentary visual inspection. During a visual inspection our certified technicians will give an initial diagnosis and recommendations for further repair.

Inspection & Consultation

*Starting Fee: $125.00/hr

This service includes a complete teardown and inspection of the unit by our certified technicians, and is extended to all high performance, diesel, natural gas, and gasoline units. An overview of the findings and recommendations are also provided to the customer upon completion of the job. *This service is not guaranteed to be contained to one hour; the total fee is dependent on the extent of labor required to inspect the unit.

Analysis Report

Fee: $75.00

In the event where a more detailed report is required, an analysis report can be made available in addition to the inspection & consultation. This service includes a detailed breakdown of the findings, alongside photographs of the unit. This report is available in your choice of hardcopy or electronic format. Book your Consultation Now

Quality Control Program

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Alamo Industries Ltd. has always considered quality assurance to be a top priority. While the development of a global economy has led to some pricing decreases, it has also created a dramatic increase in quality control issues in the turbocharger industry.

With our many years of experience in remanufacturing turbochargers, we have developed a comprehensive quality control program. Throughout the remanufacturing process (from teardown to shipping) extensive checks and balances are performed along with all-encompassing testing. Every component must meet specific quality standards before we consider a part to be usable. We have developed procedures that outline the quality controls necessary for the many different types of turbochargers we work on, and we are dedicated to thoroughly inspecting all new parts from our manufacturers.

In addition to our I.R.D. soft bearing balancer, we also utilize a state of the art Schenck® HM20BU Hard-Bearing Balancer for the light high speed units. Alamo Industries Ltd. would like our customers to be confident in the fact that they can continue to depend on us for fair pricing and the best quality in the industry.


Products & Services

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