Performance & Diesel Services

Warranty Policy

Alamo Industries Ltd. guarantees workmanship for a twelve (12) month period from the time of repair.

Customer Responsibilities:

1. Turbocharger must be maintained in accordance with published maintenance practices.

2. Alamo Industries Ltd. must be notified immediately of any potential warranty issues. An Alamo Industries Ltd. representative must be involved in all aspects of analysis of any turbocharger that is suspected of being warrantable.

There will be no warranty consideration for any turbocharger that has been disassembled by persons who are not representatives of Alamo Industries Ltd.

Items Not Included:

Under no circumstances will Alamo Industries Ltd. be responsible for damage or loss of production consequential to a turbocharger failure during a covered period; nor will Alamo Industries Ltd. pay for charges incurred for another company to remove or transport a turbocharger.


1. Alamo Industries Ltd. must have full and complete access to all engine logs.

2. In a suspected warranty situation, Alamo Industries reserves the right to access equipment on a customer location in order to obtain oil, glycol, and foreign material samples for analysis in a lab that is deemed acceptable by Alamo Industries Ltd.

3. Warranty consideration will only be extended to the original purchaser.

4. The warranty on Performance Turbocharger Applications is limited to workmanship defects only.


A restocking fee may be applicable to returned items, at the discretion of Alamo Industries ltd. All shipping costs will be deferred to the customer.